Pastors & Staff

  • randy sawyer - lead pastor

    Randy is the lead and primary teaching pastor at Calvary Church. 

    Randy has an unmistakable love for God and for people and gave his life to Christ at the age of 11. 

    He joined the staff at Calvary in October, 1994 as the Associate Pastor. and would later became the Youth Pastor.  Randy has been the  Lead Pastor since 2013. 

    His passion is to see people walk in the abundant life Christ promised. He is believing God for big and unusual things, and expecting to reveal Jesus to some of the most unlikely people.

    Randy and his wife, Paula, have five children: Ryan (Hannah), Jessica, Justin (Jennifer), and John & Nathaniel Norwood.

    Passage of Promise: "The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly." - John 10:10


  • Seth Miller - Next Steps PAstor

    Following Jesus Christ require step after step, and I want to help everyone find what their "Next Step" might be!  Whether that is through community, serving, or growing closer to Christ. Serving as the Next Steps Pastor is an absolute privilege and dream come true. I'm married to my best friend, Lynne Miller. She is my spiritual coffee pot that refills me daily.  

    I also oversee all age-based ministries in Calvary Church so they can unified in purpose and plan. The goal of this role is to create a consistency of approach, maximize the discipleship path and bring a cohesive plan across age groups. Really, I hope to pass on Generational wisdom and close the gap that between generations. We believe this approach will help set up the next generation to crush it and do better than ever at being the big C Church.

    (coming soon...... LIFE GROUPS!) Definitely ask me!

    I'm married to my best friend, Lynne Miller. She is my spiritual coffee pot that refills me daily. Without her our ministry together would not be possible.

    If you want tot know more about me feel free to schedule a  sit down or reach out with any questions. 

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  • Justin Sawyer - Student Pastor

    Hey my name is Justin Sawyer. My wife, Jennifer, and son, Deacon, are excited to be back in my hometown! 

    I am pumped to be the Student Pastor here at Calvary. I grew up being a part of the student ministry, and I have a great desire to see our students have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ that leads them to love God, live different, and lead the way for others in every area of life: Home, School, Work, Play, Etc. 

    I am not perfect, but serve God who is and who is making me like Him every day. One of my biggest struggles is fear, but the evidence of the Spirit in my life is Him reminding me of His love that casts out all fear each day! (1 John 4:18). I tell you this because we all need Jesus because we are broken, but the beautiful thing is when we believe in Jesus, He takes what is broken and makes it beautiful. I believe Jesus wants to make new all people, and I am excited to join with parents and helping students understand this for themselves and live out their faith. Come and see!

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  • Bailey webb - Next steps Coordinator

    Hi! My name is Bailey! I love Jesus, People, and Mexican food! I've grown up serving here at Calvary and I am so excited to be on the Next Steps Team!

    My goal as the Next Steps Coordinator is to push all of our ministries in the same direction through social media, groups, and overall language of our church. 

    I can't wait to help you take your next step! 

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  • Corey skinner - ministry intern

    Hey guys! What you need to know about me is I have the BEST Father who wants what's BEST for his children. The bottom line is I am passionate about the Lord, and passionate about you. While my calling is to love God and love people, my vision is to see the church, Christ's body, thrive! My role as an intern at Calvary is a utility servant. You can find me all over, whether that be taking next steps with your students on Wednesday nights, revealing Jesus to your kiddos on Sunday mornings, or finding freedom in Jesus at Celebrate Recovery. Am am FOR you and so thankful I am serving FOR God's kingdom.