tnt conference 2018 speakers

  • andy forister

    youth Pastor | calvary church

    fredericktown, mo


    sunday, april 15

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  • ethan rouse

    youth pastor | fimc

    decatur, al

    monday, april 16

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  • ryan sawyer

    youth pastor | fimc

    madison, ms

    tuesday, april 17

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    new orleans, la

    wednesday, april 18

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1. Is TNT Conference FREE?

Yes! TNT Conf is totally free for everyone! We want everyone to be able to attend the conference without being required to pay a registration fee. There will be offerings received every night to help cover the cost of the conference. We would ask that you prayerfully consider making a generous donation, so that we can keep TNT Conference free into the future!

2. Is TNT Conference only for teenagers?

No! While TNT Conference is designed to inspire, encourage, and challenge teenagers (6th Grade - College), we welcome anyone that wants to be a part of the conference! We encourage adults to be a part of our services because we believe it is valuable for teenagers to see adults supporting them and worshipping with them in their environments.

We do have a quick registration (Check In) process that will take place for every night of TNT Conf, so that we can gather contact information from all conference attendees and help keep our environment safe.

3. What is the schedule?

Sunday, April 15 @ 6PM - Pastor Andy Forister

Monday, April 16 @ 7PM - Pastor Ethan Rouse

Tuesday, April 17 @ 7PM - Pastor Ryan Sawyer

Wednesday, April 18 @ 7PM - Evangelist Justin Sawyer

*Each service will last approximately one hour and fifteen minutes.

4. Where is the conference located?

TNT Conference is located at:

Calvary Church

1725 East Highway 72

Fredericktown, MO 63645

<<  Click here for directions

Sunday night's service will be located in the Main Sanctuary. Monday through Wednesday's services will be in the Youth Center (around the back of the church).

5. Can I bring a group?

Yes! We welcome everyone who is interested in attending TNT Conference. If you are new to Calvary Church or you are bringing a group of people, please fill out the registration form at the bottom of this page, so that we can be ready for your arrival! All guests will receive a free gift upon Check In!

6. What will happen in a service?

TNT Conference services will include dynamic worship, Bible-based preaching, and creative elements.

Each worship experience will last approximately one hour and fifteen minutes.

7. Will there be food available?

Yes! Our cafe will be open from 5:30-7:00PM, Mon-Wed nights, with a special meal available for purchase each night, with all proceeds going to support TNT Conference.

There will be FREE water and coffee available before the services as well.

We will make the nightly specials available soon!

8. Can I get transportation?

Yes! Transportation is available for students in the Fredericktown area. If you would like to be picked up with our church bus or van, please contact Andy.

9. Will there be child care?

At the moment, no child care will be available. However, we are trying to organize it. So please make outside arrangements for children that may not be able to sit through a service for an hour and fifteen minutes.

We will update this information if anything changes!

For more information or if you have additional questions, contact Andy.

Hang tight while we prepare your form...